Glamping Guide: The Essentials

Welcome back to day two on the ONYX blog, and we're still obsessing over Glamping. Today we'll focus on the planning process and packing essentials. But we all know you're here for the visual aids! So follow along as we go over the Who, What, Where, When & Why  (though never in that order) of planning any event.

Let's start with the question no one has time for these days. The WHY. What is the point of bringing people together? The reasons vary, and can range from celebratory, to functional, to even a platform for mourning. The reason behind all of these driving forces is PEOPLE. We celebrate people individually for their achievements. We celebrate our relationships with others. We even celebrate things we can't even take any credit for, like being born or growing old. But we should, no, must celebrate and be celebrated! Because we all deserve it.

I know you saw this quote coming a mile away, but it's a must...

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.
— Oprah Winfrey

Which leads us to the WHO. Without further adeui, I give you the Glamsquad, my soul sisters, my best friends for the last 20 years, and the talent for this photoshoot:

 (Click on the photos for more on these shining beauties.) 

Now on to the less glamorous, WHEN. I'm going to redirect this a little, and suggest that "when" often translates to MONEY. If I stand by my previous argument that we all deserve to be celebrated, that means we have to pick and choose when we want to go all-out. That said, the When is often determined by our funds, or other less glittery obligations. 

In terms of our glamping rendezvous, the When actually had a lot to do with the entire direction of the event. As I mentioned, this event marks the beginning of my budding business, and with that a financial mindedness I haven't always had for, let's say, the Pink and Gold Birthday Party that my other BFF Kelly and I threw for ourselves a few years ago. (Make sure I revisit this:)

My point is that while I would have loved to sit rooftop downtown with a plated dinner for all of my friends, family, most valued business partners, now is not the time. In conclusion, the When is about assessing your need (to party!), reaching out to the resources around you, i.e. Mom's tablecloths, and work within your means. 

The WHAT - The Official Glamping Pack List

A Roof Over your Head - Tent, tarp (but think childhood fort vs. covering dad's Camaro) or even outdoor patio area. We were lucky enough to borrow my parent's favorite child, their '71 VW camper van. Legit. 

Romantic Lighting - Candles, Lanterns, Twinkle Lights (if you're close to home)

Lots of texture and color for a true bohemian feel - Tapestries, fuzzy blankies, "fur" rugs, etc.  I was even gifted lace doilies made by my great-great-grandma for the event. 

Comfy Seating - We used every pillow we could collectively find, cushions, and a great green vintage chair from our host. Remember, lounging is necessary.

Flowers or Organic Decor - Our dear friend, Nicole from poppy & pine arrived to the party with a carload worthy of every flower childs' dreams. I'm talking flower curtains, giant vibrant bushels, wispy etherial masterpieces, and more. And it all looked like it could have been plucked from the Red Rocks field surrounding us. Thank you poppy & pine!

Creative Living Fire Pit

Fire Pit - We recently stumbled across one of our favorite home decor shops in Denver.  If you haven't checked out Creative Living, it's everything you never knew you needed for modern outdoor decor. We snagged their Elements Fire Pit, which is especially handy if you haven't earned your fire starting badge, as it uses super-cool gel flame. 

Food and Refreshments - We'll get to that tomorrow. 

Remember, the point is to use what's around you, express yourself and your people in the items you pull, and more is more!




And finally, the WHERE...

This was the best part! Not only were we blessed to have the beautiful, world recognizable gift that is Red Rocks as our backdrop, our “glampsite” was also the backyard of my new found family, who are so amazing, it is evident even in the place they call home. 

My favorite things about Morrison, CO and the Red Rocks area are:

  1. Being led on mini hikes by my favorite Mountain Girl, Miss Elli Lou
  2. Never seeing the same sunset twice
  3. The wildflowers, especially Indian Paintbrush that grows in the field between my family's home and Red Rocks
  4. And of course shows at the World's greatest music venue, with each show more captivating than the last 

Thank you for joining us. We hope you're feeling like leaving your laptop for a great floppy hat and the great outdoors. Don't miss our last three installments for easy glamping recipes, hair and make-up tips, and of course great fall fashion for the Rocky Mountain woman. 

Photography: From The Hip Photo

Floral: poppy & pine

Hair: Jessica McIntyre, Double Dutch Hair

Make-up: Mary Kate Addyman, Revival Aesthetics

Food: Ian Bartholomew, Private Chef

Fashion: Inspyre Boutique

Outdoor Decor: Creative Living